Hawk in the Nest makeup and skin care workshop

Tove Hansen
Tove Hansen
Hilde Moshølen
Hilde Moshølen

Hilde Moshølen and Tove Hansen will be giving a workshop in makeup, hair and skin care for performing artists Saturday 28 January. They will donate the workshop fee collected to Homa Lime Culture Centre in Kenya!

Time: Saturday 28 January 11:00-14:00
Location: Kultursalen Nedre Fossum Gård, Karl Fossumsvei 1, Stovner
Instructors: Hilde Moshølen og Tove Hansen
Price: NOK 250,-
Registration: hildemoshoelen@hotmail.com

This workshop will be a combination of lectures and a lot of practical work, demonstrations and examples through pictures and videos. You will receive training in the following:

  •     Skin Care
  •     Light and shadow
  •     Colour theory and the colour wheel
  •     Day and evening make-up face, eye, shape
  •     Sources of inspiration from renowned dancers and style makeup
  •     Trends, fashion and history
  •     Useful tools
  •     Hair care
  •     Styling
  •     Loose hair and wig
  •     Accessories

Part 1: Makeup

We look at the face and eye shape and shading. The difference between day and evening makeup and stage makeup. You will learn to apply makeup on your own face that will accentuate your best features, both makeup for everyday use and evening makeup, but the emphasis is on the STAGE MAKE-UP.
It is desirable that the participants bring their own makeup, eyelashes and equipment, as it is much easier to train with the equipment and make-up you know.

Part 2: Skincare

Daily facial care – why, how and when. Useful tips and equipment. We the colour wheel to explore the various tones of the skin, hair and eyes.
In relation to skin care, we will bring everything we need, and workshop participants will be able to buy makeup and creams if they wish.

Part 3: Hair, daily care, cure and styling

How to style for everyday, parties and stage use. Useful tips and tools.
It is desirable that the participants bring loose hair / wig as well as decorations and flowers for the hair.

About Hilde and Tove

Hilde Moshølen is a trained hairdresser and makeup artist and stylist. She has worked in the hairdressing industry and at the Norwegian National Opera from 2000-2008.

Tove Hansen is an independent consultant in makeup and skin care.

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