Hawk in the Nest 13 artist lineup

Welcome to the Norwegian-Oriental Dance Show with the big heart.

This is a benefint show and the entrance fee goes directly to Homa Lime Culture Centre in Kenya. Join the Facebook event

  • Time: Staurday 28 January 17:00
  • Location: Kultursalen Nedre Fossum Gård, Karl Fossumsvei 1, Stovner
  • Mistress of ceremonies: Bente Gillerstedt Pettersen
  • Fee: Adults 50 NOK / children 25 NOK

Mei Schulz Afghan Dance

Part 1

Pupils from Rommen skole og Kultursenter
Partystarter dance
Choreography: Jenny Lovise Staurset

Oslo Tribal Bellydance School
American Tribal Style bellydance
Choreography: Jorunn Sjølli

Modern Balady
Choreography: Aurora

Christina Stjernholm Nygaard

Gloria Riveros Gimenez & dancers from Senteret for Internasjonal Dans
Flamenco, tangos
Choreography: Gloria Riveros

Brit Wiedswang & Signy Willums
Spanish-arabian veil dance
Choreography: Siri Ydstie

Classical Oriental
Choreography: Silje Rasmussen Nyborg

Tribal Comets
American Tribal Style bellydance

Jenny & Shireen
Drum solo
Choreography: Shireen

Part 2

Salangai Narthanalayam Norway
Baratha Nattiyam, Classical Indian Dance
Dance about Krishna
Choreography: Mary Margaret Soosai

Vanitas juveler
Gypsy inspiration style
Choreography: Vanita Elton

Mei Schulz
Afghansk dans
Choreography: Mei Schulz

Tribal Fusion
Choreography: Emelie

Brit Wiedswang og Signy Willums
Moroccan Pop Re-mix
Choreography: Hege Slettemeås

Dark Fusion
Choreography: Sara Kolberg

Salangai Narthanalayam Norway
Baratha Nattiyam, Classical Indian Dance
Dance about the wave, from a Norwegian poem
Choreography: Mary Margaret Soosai

Part 3

Helene Skaugen from Studio Orient
Choreography: Helene Skaugen

Tina Rasmussen Nyborg
Choreography: Tina Rasmussen Nyborg

Vibeke Vesterhagen
Oriental + drum solo
Choreography: Vibeke Vesterhagen

Bellystars from Oslo Magedansstudio
Choreography: Siri Ydstie

Choreography: Patricia Zarnovican

Gloria Riveros Gimenez and dancers from Senteret for Internasjonal Dans
Rumba, Flamenco
Choreography: Gloria Riveros and Mayte Arjona

Miriam Gjerstad
Tribal Fusion drum solo
Choreography: Miriam Gjerstad

Tribal Troopers
American Tribal Troopers Style

Hauken i Redet 13

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