Tribal Bazar

During Tribal Camp Oslo 11 -13 September there will be a bazar! Great bargains on bellydance and tribal skirts, cholis, belts, scarves, pantaloons, jewelry and much more. Prices range from NOK 5 to 600. We don't take cards, so bring cash. Dance gear can also be ordered here. Photo: Jorunn Sjølli

Tribal Camp Oslo 2009

Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2009

Workshops at Tribal Camp Oslo 2009 American Tribal Style (ATS) slow movements American Tribal Style (ATS) fast steps Persian Dance technique Dark Fusion technique Tribal workshop: How to "tribalize" Egyptian moves Sword choreography and technique Dark Fusion choreography Persian Dance choreography This year we have invited two great instructors from Sweden, Sophia Mirlashari and Callisto! … Les mer Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2009

Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2008

Tribal festival for the first time in Norway! 5 teachers hold 9 workshops during 1 weekend in September. Time: 12-14 September 2008 Location: Studio Orient, Arbeidergata 4, Oslo Registration/info: The classes Zills Open class with Jenny Lovise Staurset 12 September 18-20 200 NOK Stage make up Open class with Mirja Weston 12 September 18-21 … Les mer Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2008