Dancing with special friends

From left to right: Jenny Lovise Staurset, Shireen, Tina Nyborg and Jorunn Sjølli. At the Al Farah show yesterday Tribal Troopers managed to lure some of the coolest oriental dancers in Norway, the lovely Tina Nyborg and Shireen, to join them in a tribal inspired choreography by Jenny Lovise Staurset. It was so much fun!…

Stovner festival

Tribal Troopers in the green after performing at Nedre Fossum gård 14 June. These cholis are a favorite!

Performing at Saharat Sharqia

Tribal Troopers danced at the Oriental Dance festival Saharat Sharqia 7 February arranged by Hilde Lund. Photo: Jenny Lovise Staurset MS Innvik, the show boat. Yolanda Juba adjusting the turban. Saida Carioca putting on more flowers. Ready! Nirmal Kumari Mahe dressed in a beautiful saree. The gorgeous Shireen putting on more make up. After the…

Hawk-in-the-Nest 10

Tribal Troopers in action! Also painting the colours bright this evening was Synnøve Ask, Maikki, Lydia Malchikova, Tina, Ingvild Linnea Bråthen, Christina, Ingvild & Admaya and Serbest Oriental. Pål was taking care of the waffle shop, Camilla of the music and Edson was engeneering the beautiful light show. 😉 Photo: Hanne Sjølli

Tribal Dance at Øya 2008

Tribal Troopers were guest dansers when the punkrock band Pirate Love was playing at Øyafestival August 9. Photo: Espen Helleberg, Erik Moholdt and Jan Erik Svendsen

Tribal:Pura August 2-4 2008

Tribal Troopers attended the Tribal:Pura workshop. It was held by Carolena Nericcio, the founder of American Tribal Style, and her partner Megha Gavin in Tampere, Finland and found true inspiration and new dance friends. Photos: Hannele Aaltonen

Dancing at the Ibsen house in Skien

Poetry, music and tribal dance at the Ibsen house in Skien 9 May. Tribal Troopers danced on stage in the backyard. The event was arranged by the author Walid Al-Kubaisi. Afterwards he cooked a delicious meal. Tribal Troopers had a wonderful time! Photos: Walid Al-Kubaisi</span3

Hawk-In-The-Nest 9

Tribal Troopers Maikki Serbest Oriental Lydia Malchikova Ingvild Linéa Bråthen Cathrine Nodberg Synnøve Ask Ingeborg S. Ac Christina Photo: Marit Christiansen and Jorunn Sjølli