Tribal Troopers is a fresh wind on the Norwegian bellydance scene and arranges dance shows and festivals.

Tribal Troopers by Stéphane Polteau
Photo: Stèphane Polteau

Hawk-in-the-Nest is a charity show arranged every year by Tribal Troopers.

This is a benefint show and the entrance fee goes to development project that supports children.

Open stage
Tribal Troopers invites both experienced and unexperienced dancers to contribute with their dance.

What the performers have in common is that they want to do something good for other people as well as dance in front of an audience.

The repertoire at Hawk-in-the-Nest is as diverse as the dancers: American Tribal Style, Cabaret, Pop Bellydance, Saiidi, Flamenco, Tribal Fusion, Baladi, drum solo, the list goes on.

Another important part of Hawk-in-the-Nest is the volunteers. They take care of music, stage light, makes sure that the entrance fee is collected, take pictures and videos.

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Tribal Camp Oslo is an annual event dedicated to tribal dance and folkloric dance styles.

Tribal Camp Oslo 2012 will take place 2-4 November. Choose between different dance workshops held by experienced teachers. Stay tuned for more info!

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Battle of the Tribes is the only dance show in Norway dedicated to tribal dance and related dance styles.

Battle of the Tribes is taking place Saturday evening during the weekend of Tribal Camp Oslo. All teachers and students attending Tribal Camp Oslo are welcome to perform during the show.


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