Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2010 10-12 September

Workshops at Tribal Camp Oslo 2010 ROMAN, TURKISH GYPSY DANCE, Shireen SWORD DANCE, Callisto BURLESQUE FUSION, Dud Muurmand TUNISIAN BEDOUIN FOLKLORE, Dud Muurmand TRIBAL FUSION 1, Callisto BHANGRA, Nirmel Mahe GHAWAZEE, Dud Muurmand DARK TRIBAL FUSION, Callisto TRIBAL FUSION 2, Tina Nyborg For registrations or questions, send an email to mail@tribaltroopers.com. The teachers Dud Muurmand … Les mer Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2010 10-12 September


Tribal Camp Oslo 2010 workshop. Time: Saturday 11 September 12:00-15:00 Place: Studio Orient, Arbeidergata 4, Oslo Teacher: Nirmel Mahe Price: NOK 350,- Register for this workshop on mail@tribaltroopers.com Bhangra is a very popular party dance and is used extensively in Bollywood movies. Bhangra is a folk dance originating from Punjab in India. Bhangra was danced … Les mer Bhangra