Hawk-in-the-Nest 10

Tribal Troopers in action! Also painting the colours bright this evening was Synnøve Ask, Maikki, Lydia Malchikova, Tina, Ingvild Linnea Bråthen, Christina, Ingvild & Admaya and Serbest Oriental. Pål was taking care of the waffle shop, Camilla of the music and Edson was engeneering the beautiful light show. 😉 Photo: Hanne Sjølli

Thank you!

Thanks to all participants at the charity show Hawk-in-the-Nest 10. We collected more money than ever before: 9082 NOK! Our appreciation goes to Maikki, Synnøve, Lydia, Ingvild Linnea, Tina, Ingvild, Admaya, Christina, Karvan Dance, Ragnhild, Svetlana, Serbest Oriental and Tribal Troopers - thank you for the beautiful dances. Remi Breivik and Stovner, providing location and … Les mer Thank you!