Thank you!


Thanks to all participants at the charity show Hawk-in-the-Nest 10.
We collected more money than ever before: 9082 NOK!

Our appreciation goes to

  • Maikki, Synnøve, Lydia, Ingvild Linnea, Tina, Ingvild, Admaya, Christina, Karvan Dance, Ragnhild, Svetlana, Serbest Oriental and Tribal Troopers – thank you for the beautiful dances.
  • Remi Breivik and Stovner, providing location and equipment.
  • Tove, our beautiful master of ceremonies.
  • Pål and his friends for taking care of the café.
  • Kajsa, who made a delicious meal to the contributors.
  • Camilla for engineering the sound.
  • Edson for engineering the light.

Press and photos

News article and videos of Tribal Troopers and Serbest Oriental + picture gallery

We wish you all a splendid spring!

Best wishes,
Jorunn og Jenny

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