Welcome to Battle of the Tribes 2010

Battle of the Tribes

Battle of the Tribes is a dance show taking place Saturday evening during the weekend of Tribal Camp Oslo. All teachers and students attending Tribal Camp Oslo are welcome to perform in the gala show.

We are very excited about the program! You can enjoy both innovative and traditional dance styles: Burlesque Fusion, Roman, Tribal Fusion, American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Bhangra, Dark Fusion, Electric Bellydance, Beledy Fusion, Ghawazee, Gypsy Fusion, and much more.

  • Time: Saturday 11 September 20:00, doors open at 19:30
  • Location: MS Innvik, Langkaia 1 in Bjørvika, Oslo
 (next to the Opera House)
    MS Innvik has a cafe with all rights.
  • Entrance fee: 200 NOK
  • Pre-registration (optional): mail@tribaltroopers.com

These dancers are performing at Battle of the Tribes: Dud Muurmand (DK), Callisto (S), Shireen, Nirmel Mahe, Tina, Sarah Margrethe Kolberg, Susanne & Lisette, Oslo Tribal Bellydance School with Kajsa Köller, Silje Juvet, Anne Innes and Jorunn Sjølli, and Tribal Troopers.

Join the Facebook event here.

Design: Jorunn Sjølli

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