Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2010 10-12 September

Workshops at Tribal Camp Oslo 2010

  2. SWORD DANCE, Callisto
  3. BURLESQUE FUSION, Dud Muurmand
  5. TRIBAL FUSION 1, Callisto
  6. BHANGRA, Nirmel Mahe
  7. GHAWAZEE, Dud Muurmand
  9. TRIBAL FUSION 2, Tina Nyborg

For registrations or questions, send an email to mail@tribaltroopers.com.

The teachers

Dud Muurmand (DK) is a multi-talented artist within dance and the theater. She both teaches and works artistically with many different styles of ethnic dance: Gypsy, Oriental, Tribal, Fusion and dramatized dance. Besides being an experienced teacher and perfomer, Dud is also the troupe leader of both «Tribe of Gaia» + «Gypsy Mystique Dancers» and is the chairwoman of «tribaldance.dk».
Dud frequently makes guest appearances at international festivals either dancing solo, teaching workshops or presenting troup work. Some of the great dancers that have influenced her dance has been Wendy Buonaventura (UK), Helene Eriksen (USA/DE), Liz True (DK), Leila Haddad (Tun) and of course Mahmoud Reda (Egypt).

Callisto (S) is the Swedish pioneer of dark fusion styles. She travels around Sweden, Europe and even the US to perform and teach. Callisto’s one of the founding members of the ATS inspired troupe Serpentine Tribal, and the founder of the Swedish organization TribaGoth, that organizes workshops and shows in Sweden, promoting tribal and gothic belly dance. Callisto has also been dancing folkloric dances, ballet and standard and latin dances. She’s also been practicing martial arts for more than a decade. Her style incorporates tribal bellydance styles, martial arts, the goth sub culture and ritualistic elements.
Callisto has a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and is Bachelor in Work and Organizational Psychology. She’s certified NLP Practitioner and uses her skills in her teaching to offer her students a more constructive way of thinking about dancing and goal setting.

Shireen is is half Turkish and half Norwegian of origin and is known for her amazing charisma and relaxed, playful and catchy style. She started studying ballet as a little girl and is well known for her beautiful posture and fluid arms. In 1999 she started studying belly dance and in the recent years she has studied Turkish Roman gypsy dance. She teaches classes at all levels and performs every week in Oslo.

Nirmel Mahe is of Indian origin and has been dancing both Bollywood and Bhangra from a young age. In 2002 she started studying belly dance, and she teaches classes in the Oslo area. She won the Norwegian belly dance competition Oriental Dancer of the Year in 2007.

Tina Nyborg has run Drammen Bellydance School for nearly a decade. She is well known for her captivating stage presence and sensual charisma. She organizes dance shows and performs regurarly. In addition to belly dance Tina has studied yoga, African dance, dancehall and hip-hop. She melts hiphop and belly dance to create her Electric Tribal Fusion.

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