Welcome to Hawk in the Nest 13

Hauken i Redet 13

Tribal Troopers is setting up the largest Hawk in the Nest show ever!

Hawk in the Nest is a Norwegian-oriental dance show for the whole family. The Norwegian Bellydance community and beyond is joining forces to help collect money for the project Homa Lime Culture Centre in Kenya.

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This will be a magical evening where you can enjoy a wide range of both traditional and modern dance styles. From Classical Indian Dance in the east to Flamenco in the west as well as various styles of Bellydance and Afghan Dance. At the end of the show Tribal Troopers invite all children (and parents) to join them on stage.

  • Time:  Staurday 28 January 17:00
  • Location: Kultursalen Nedre Fossum Gård, Karl Fossumsvei 1, Stovner
  • Mistress of ceremonies: Bente Gillerstedt Pettersen
  • Entrance fee:  Adults 50 NOK / children 25 NOK

Read the full artist lineup


-Tribal Troopers

Tribal Troopers

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