Jenny Lovise Staurset

Fast American Tribal Style bellydance

"Follow the leader.." Tribal Camp Oslo 2011 workshop. Time: Friday 23 September 18:00-21:00 Location: Studio Orient, Arbeidergata 4, Oslo Instructor: Jenny Lovise Staurset Price: NOK 350,- Registration: Introduction to the fast steps for American Tribal Style belly dance with Jenny, one of the tribal pioneers in Norway. ATS is a group dance in which … Les mer Fast American Tribal Style bellydance

Tribal Camp Oslo logo

Tribal Camp Oslo 2011

Tribal Camp Oslo har blitt fast tradisjon hver høst, og for fjerde år på rad steller Tribal Troopers i stand dansefestivalen som har et bankende hjerte for tribal og folkloredanser. Dato for Tribal Camp Oslo 2011 er fredag 23. til søndag 25. september. Her er  programmet for Tribal Camp Oslo 2011. Alle workshoppene holdes i … Les mer Tribal Camp Oslo 2011

Welcome to Hawk in the Nest charity dance show

Tid: lørdag 29. januar kl. 18:00 Sted: Kultursalen, Nedre Fossum gård, Karl Fossums vei 1, Stovner Pris: 50,- for voksne og 25,- for barn Det blir salg av mineralvann og fingermat. Hjertelig velkommen til små og store!

Tribal Troopers on stage December 2009

Wednesday 8 Desember: Mogador Café This is the last time this year that Tribal Troopers performs in this cosy restaurant/café/bar in the centre of Oslo. Bring a friend or two and come. This time we have guest dancers from Oslo Tribal Bellydance School, Hilde, Kajsa and Silje Helen. Mogador Café have delicious food and all … Les mer Tribal Troopers on stage December 2009

Tribal Camp Oslo 2009

Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2009

Workshops at Tribal Camp Oslo 2009 American Tribal Style (ATS) slow movements American Tribal Style (ATS) fast steps Persian Dance technique Dark Fusion technique Tribal workshop: How to "tribalize" Egyptian moves Sword choreography and technique Dark Fusion choreography Persian Dance choreography This year we have invited two great instructors from Sweden, Sophia Mirlashari and Callisto! … Les mer Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2009

Hawk-in-the-Nest 10

Tribal Troopers in action! Also painting the colours bright this evening was Synnøve Ask, Maikki, Lydia Malchikova, Tina, Ingvild Linnea Bråthen, Christina, Ingvild & Admaya and Serbest Oriental. Pål was taking care of the waffle shop, Camilla of the music and Edson was engeneering the beautiful light show. 😉 Photo: Hanne Sjølli

Thank you!

Thanks to all participants at the charity show Hawk-in-the-Nest 10. We collected more money than ever before: 9082 NOK! Our appreciation goes to Maikki, Synnøve, Lydia, Ingvild Linnea, Tina, Ingvild, Admaya, Christina, Karvan Dance, Ragnhild, Svetlana, Serbest Oriental and Tribal Troopers - thank you for the beautiful dances. Remi Breivik and Stovner, providing location and … Les mer Thank you!

Tribal Dance workshop at Saharat Sharqia

Tribal Dance workshop in connection with the oriental dance festival Saharat Sharqia arranged by Hilde Lund. Teacher: Jenny Lovise Staurset Time: Saturday February 7 11:00-14:00 Location: Navlen Dansestudio Fee: 300 NOK Registration/info:, tel. 47 26 18 25 Learn to dance by drilling the basics in fun combinations. This is an open workshop for those who have previous experience with bellydance or tribal.

Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2008

Tribal festival for the first time in Norway! 5 teachers hold 9 workshops during 1 weekend in September. Time: 12-14 September 2008 Location: Studio Orient, Arbeidergata 4, Oslo Registration/info: The classes Zills Open class with Jenny Lovise Staurset 12 September 18-20 200 NOK Stage make up Open class with Mirja Weston 12 September 18-21 … Les mer Welcome to Tribal Camp Oslo 2008