Tribal-Troopers Al-Farah 2011

Tribal Troopers photos from the Al Farah show 2011

Tribal Troopers did an impro to “Snakedance” by Abdel Hazim & Abed Halabi and "Nubian" by Raquy And The Cavemen at the Al Farah gala show Saturday 10 September. Watch the video here. Photos: Carina Grindaker Nilsen and Catherine Ydstie

Tribal Troopers photos from Hawk in the Nest 12 2011

Tribal Troopers improvised to “Raqset El-Assaya” by Hossam Ramzy and "Ashanti" by Madonna. When "Raqset El-Assaya" started the children went crazy. Why is it that children don't like mizmar when they love vuvuzelas and honker horns? See the video here.

Tribal Troopers Al Farah 2010

Tribal Troopers photos from the Al Farah show 2010

Tribal Troopers' group impro to "Ashanti" by Madonna. Cosmopolite Saturday 23 October. It was a super show with special guest dancers Suraya from Poland and Eva Loune from Norway. Thank you to Anja's mother for taking pictures during our performance. Watch the video here.

Photos from Hawk in the Nest 11

The beautiful and skilled dancers are: Sedna, Anita Kjeverud, Bellycious, Rønnaug Paulsen, Tribal Squad, Maria Riiber, Adryanna Shamsa, Svetlana Povarova Ree, Christina Stjernholm, Anita Kjeverud, Maria Riiber, Tina Nyborg and Tribal Troopers. Thank you for making this the best Hawk in the Nest ever! Photo: Therese Gruehagen, Remy Breivik, Pia Tønjum, Lydia Malchikova and Sara Kolberg

Takk for Hauken 11

Vi ønsker å takke alle som har bidratt til at forestillingen Hauken-I-Redet 11 på Mogador lørdag 6. februar 2010 ble så flott! Tusen takk til Sara Kolberg, Anita kjeverud, Bellycious, Rønnaug Paulsen, Maria Riiber, Adryanna Shamsa, Svetlana Povarova Ree, Tribal Squad , Christine Stjernholm, Tina Nyborg og Tribal Troopers for nyyydelig dans. Vi takker Amir … Les mer Takk for Hauken 11